Our Approach

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Property Ownership Reinvested

It is our deeply held belief, confirmed by our lived experience, that “traditional” economic development has failed to adequately consider the historic policies and practices that for generations have inflicted economic, social, and political violence upon BIPOC and low-wealth communities.

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Homeownership with our reparative programming


Rondo Community Land Trust was born out of resident concern for ongoing displacement in a community that had already experienced economic marginalization through redlining, racial covenants, and economic violence due to the construction of I-94.

Challenges and Context

Events like these need not be repeated. Yet, we see cycles of investment and disinvestment, gentrification, and displacement ravage culturally rich and vibrant communities still today.

Reparative Economic
Development Framework

Our framework is value-driven and rooted in the following core elements:

  • solidarity

  • place-based

  • shared ownership

  • culture as a source of power and healing

  • ecological sustainability

  • stewardship

  • democracy

  • dignified labor

Blueprint for Community Wholeness

Our framework creates the blueprint for our organization to “make our community whole” by assessing and ascribing value (including monetary $$$) to intangible contributions of our community and the value gap stripped by racist policies and practices.