How Land Trusts Work

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A Different Way to Own

We help low & moderate-income families build equity in affordable homes through the land trust model. We believe that investing through a land trust is critical to achieving our mission of building strong and sustainable communities in Rondo, St, Paul, and Ramsey County.

How It Works

Building Equity, Building Futures

Affordable Homeownership

A family or individual with low to moderate income purchases a home with the help of an affordability grant.

Land Trust Model

The purchase price is more affordable because the homeowner is only buying the house, while the CLT holds the land in trust on behalf of the community


The homeowners lease the land from the community land trust in a long-term 99-year, renewable lease.

Affordability Committment

In return for being able to buy a home below its market value, the homebuyer agrees to limit their proceeds when they sell so another family with modest income can afford to purchase the home.


The first family builds wealth and then “pays it forward.” When the home is sold, the family receives the amount paid towards their mortgage + 25% of the appreciated value of the home.

Lifelong Sustainability

The affordable house is self-sustaining, and the one-time affordability investment serves an endless number of families.

Own Where You Live.

The Advantages of Community Land Trust Homeownership

Rondo CLT has a number of programs to help historically displaced and / or low-to-moderate income homebuyers purchase homes in the City of St. Paul and Ramsey County. We are an actionable resource for equity through financial education and homeownership.


Helps low to moderate income earners become homeowners + lowers the cost of purchasing a home


Homebuyers receive Pre and Post Purchase Support from Rondo CLT to ensure a smooth process


Community members build personal wealth via home equity and save on housing costs


The resale formula preserves affordability for the next family or individual that purchases the home