Mission & Vision

Welcome to Affordable, Sustainable Real Estate

Through the creation and management of permanent affordable housing options, rental properties, commercial spaces, and other shared assets, Rondo CLT fosters community equity, wealth, and stability in the neighborhoods it serves.


Empowering with Affordable Housing

Strengthen and preserve communities by providing and advocating for permanently affordable, sustainable housing for families and individuals with low to moderate incomes.

Promote the utilization of the land trust model as a method of preserving affordable housing, economic growth and neighborhood stabilization.

Support and celebrate cultural diversity by providing affordable business opportunities to increase community economic wealth, property values and jobs.

Our Vision

Vibrant. Inclusive. Permanent.

The Rondo community, along with suburban Ramsey County, has an adequate supply of high quality, permanently affordable housing choices for low and moderate-income, multi-generational households as a result of the Rondo CLT.